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Product Development

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Initial Call

Identifying whether we are the best-fit for your requirements

Research & Strategy

Understanding every aspect of the business

Product Engineering

Building the product based on the research and strategy

Product Management

Ensuring the smooth flow of the business

Research and Strategy

The Blueprint

Collaborative ideation is a crucial step to new product development. At Ray, we strongly value the importance of conducting thorough research and strategic planning to create enduring, high-quality products. This is why we’ve developed a distinctive method for understanding product requirements, ensuring that we craft products that align effectively with market needs.

Discovery Call

Discuss and understand the pain point the client is trying to solve.

Feasibility Study

Business and Technical feasibilty on the market gap that we will be addressed

Problem Identification

Identifying the pain points through root cause analysis and user research

Product Vision

Building the high-level roadmap to solve the pain points (with Technical Standards)

Feature Prioritization

Prioritising the features and breaking it into phases to solve the identified market gap

Resource Mapping

Providing a detailed plan of the timelines and required resources to build the MVP.

Product Engineering

Engineering Methodology

Through our extensive experience in developing numerous products, we’ve discovered a distinctive methodology applicable to all product development processes. This methodology ensures comprehensive coverage of all engineering aspects when launching a product, whether it’s a minimum viable product (MVP) or an enterprise-level solution. We consistently follow these steps to engineer our products.

Design Ideation

Your product needs to be designed with a look and feel compatible with the way it will be used and in line with what your target market demands.


Aesthetic Design

Developing the 3D model using the product sketches. This includes user interface and user experience (UI/UX) as well as material choice, textures, ergonomics, and shaping.


Engineering Design

Detailed 3D designs and 2D Technical Drawings with documentation of parts and assemblies including a Bill of Materials for production tooling and mass manufacturing


Design Validation

Physics based computer simulations to provide a detailed understanding of how a design will perform under various operating conditions.(FEA/FMEA)


Iteration & Optimization

Through rigorous testing, issues will be identified and resolved to guarantee your product's reliability for an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing at scale


Manufacturing Support

A curated list of manufacturers and suppliers will be introduced from sourcing quality materials to assembling finished products to bring your product to the market.

Continuous Support

Product Management

Product management is what happens at the intersection between business, technology, and user experience. Our product managers combine user-focus, business savvy, and tech expertise to create strong product outcomes. From the inital product launch, we help clients to achieve their product vision set at the initial stages.

Supply Chain Management

We work closely with different suppliers and manufacturers to help you to provide the required quantities and batches on time for a smooth sales process

Product Cost Optimization

We analyse the cost structures of the product and help you to minimise the cost when scaling up the business with manufacturing optimisations

Branding/Marketing Content

We can provide photorealistic renderings, online 3D product viewing capabilities, 3D animations and walkthrough videos to better understand your product

Engagement Models

Choose your Adventure

Hire A Dedicated Engineering Team

Do you want to save time and money, and you want more flexibility and control, then Dedicated Engineering Team is the solution. We provide full service and support to build and manage a dedicated remote team of world-class engineers.

Extend your Remote Engineering Team

Already have in-house engineering? Need to delegate or scale efforts? Let us help with one part of your design to keep your internal team focused on the big picture. Adding in a small dedicated team with unique expertise will improve output and flexibility.